Certification Guide

How to become certified in Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment through the National Consortium of Breast Centers’ (NCBC) Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment certification program.

Certification Eligibility: The applicant must:

  • Be a licensed or certified health care professional with practice focus in oncology, breast health care, cancer genetics, or cancer risk assessment.
  • Possess Primary Clinical Credentials: Physician, Physician’s Assistant, Advanced Practice Nurse or other skilled professional with requisite work-related knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to assess, educate and provide cancer risk assessment and cancer genetics clinical services to patients and their families
  • Have acquired in depth clinical training in the clinical practice of cancer genetics and risk assessment and or have completed relevant focused educational courses in cancer genetics, risk assessment including comprehensive breast cancer risk assessment.
  • Have minimum 2 years of experience in the field of cancer care, including cancer screening, risk assessment, cancer genetics, cancer diagnosis and management.
  • Complete an application process

Click the link below to obtain the application for Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment (CRGA) Certification: 

Application for Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment Certification