Use of our Trademark

Candidates that receive a passing score will receive the certification mark associated with the exam taken.

CERTIFICATION MARK of Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment (CGRA)  is received with a passing score of 71% or above.

Qualifications of Certificants

Holders of an active NCBC certification must have successfully completed a NCBC administered certification process and must be in good standing with NCBC. In connection each certification and any renewals of certification, NCBC shall promptly issue certificates to Certificants, setting forth the NCBC certification designating them as certified by NCBC and specifying the credential earned (e.g., BHCN, CGRA, etc.). Only individuals who have been granted the certification and appropriately maintained the certification may use the certification mark associated with the certification earned.  Use of the certification mark may only be used within the scope for which the certification was granted and not in a misleading or fraudulent manner.  NCBC maintains the right to take all appropriate steps including legal or other action, such as requiring the discontinuation of the use of the designation, suspension during investigation, or revocation of the certification, to protect its rights from unauthorized use.

Certification Mark
Any certification mark issued by NCBC-CB is the property of NCBC-CB and may be revoked by NCBC-CB as determined by NCBC-CB. In such event, any former certification holder shall no longer be deemed to be a Certificant and shall be required to return all certificates containing the certification mark to NCBC.