Background: Integrating cancer genetics, genomics and cancer risk assessment has become increasingly relevant to the care of patients. There is a need for clinicians across the spectrum of practice settings to acquire knowledge and competency in cancer genetics and risk assessment as health care practice incorporates more personalized approaches in cancer prevention, cancer screening and targeted therapy.

The overall goal of the NCBC’s Certification Program in Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment (CGRA) is to provide the assurance that the healthcare provider with certification in CGRA possesses the knowledge, skills and competency to provide cancer risk assessment services to patients and families, including working collaboratively with genetics professionals. The emphasis of this program is related to breast cancer risk assessment, though a broader knowledge of cancer predisposition genes associated with cancer risk is expected of the candidate.

The certification is a vision of the National Consortium of Breast Centers and has been developed to acknowledge healthcare professionals, other than genetic counselors, with clinical experience and advanced knowledge in cancer genetics and cancer risk assessment.

NCBC’s Certification in Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment has been brought to reality through approval of the board of trustees and was developed by a multidisciplinary committee of dedicated breast care, oncology, and cancer genetics professionals. The target audiences for certification are physicians, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and other skilled health care practitioners who care for at-risk unaffected and affected patients and their families.

Comprehensive genetic cancer risk assessment is supported by numerous health care organizations, professional societies, accrediting bodies, and evidence-based care guidelines that recognize a wide variety of health care professionals whom have obtained the requisite knowledge and skill in cancer genetics and cancer risk assessment. In efforts to assure that patients and families are receiving the highest quality, appropriate and comprehensive genetic and cancer risk evaluation and care, the NCBC created this certification.