Navigation Matrix

In an effort to minimize variances in a breast patient's continuum of care and the definition/function of a breast patient navigator providing care within that continuum, BPNC and the NCBC introduced a breast health care continuum matrix. This matrix is a template that offers a model for continuity in a breast patient's care, which can be adopted and modified by institutions providing breast care/cancer services.

The matrix goes deeper and identifies the navigation stages within the breast patient's continuum of care. The navigation stages are separated into two sets: breast imaging stages and breast cancer treatment stages. The navigation stages are located across the top of the chart and are in various colors.

Each navigation stage begins and ends with the patient as the focus. The description of the beginning and ending activity(ies) for each stage are reflected in red type. There may be more than one choice of the ending activity depending on a patient's situation. As was earlier stated, this is a model, and each patient's care is highly individualized.

The matrix further identifies the integrated navigation team member(s) who may be called upon for assistance in each navigation stage. Integrated team members include medically credentialed professionals, non-medically credentialed professionals, consultants, and volunteers. These are listed in the left-most column. There is an X in each cell that indicates which stage(s) each integrated team member is most likely to be called upon for assistance to the navigator who has direct responsibility for the patient.

Please call the NCBC office if you would like a copy of the Navigator Matrix to help you set up your own Navigator program.